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Changing the Game

From beginner to performance, The Rowing Coach (TRC) will provide you with the tools, techniques and thinking to develop, practice and improve your individual rowing or sculling skills.

What do you get from the rowing coach programme?

TRC will show you ways to develop your rowing and your boat speed, not by telling you how to row, but by showing you the techniques and tools that underpin high performance. Everyone is different, and as we are all different, to achieve your personal best, each person requires their own individual approach. This is the way it has to be.                             

Rowing technique is simple. How you apply it to make the boat go fast is the hard part.

In many cases “what you don’t do” can be just as important that “what you do.” 

Get this right and your boat will go faster.

How much of rowing is in the head? This is an interesting question that does not have a right or wrong answer and it may surprise you to know that top athletes believe that over 80% of rowing is in the head. If that is the case why don’t we spend enough time training the head and getting that right. When mental skills are not optimised you cannot do what is required to perform at the highest level.

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